Our Trusted Landscape Design and Installation Process 

1. Landscape Project Consultation

We will meet with you at your property to discuss what you want from your space, and how to best achieve your goals. We will assess the site, discuss your ideas and possibly suggest some of ours. We will show you examples of our work, and explain our process from design to implementation.

2. Landscape Design Proposal

After the consultation we will provide you a  design proposal, outlining concepts and details that will be represented in the proposed design. If you accept the design proposal we will begin by surveying the property to create a basemap for our design.

3. Landscape Design Work

The initial design begin with and accurately measured site. This will help determine good spacing and proportions for all your new landscape features. The initial design along with having all existing elements that will remain, will demonstrate all proposed hardscaping, and major elements of the design.

We will present this initial conceptual plan in order to get your feedback while discussing costs and material choices. Any adjustments will be added to the final plan, which includes all materials and all plant material selections. You will receive a final completed plan, to scale and in color, with plant lists and image boards. In addition, lighting and irrigation plans may be provided upon request.

4. Landscape Implementation

We are involved from design to completion of the installation, and we work with artisans, specialty contractors, and select landscape construction specialists to get the best results. Managing the installation, making design decisions on-site, and communicating the progress is an important part of the implementation process.

5. Post-installation

We will provide final walk-through at the time of completion to go over details and plant care. We recommend a garden evaluation up to 12 months after the installation, which is also complementary. We provide recommendations for care as well as fine gardening services if needed.