Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

The first question you may ask when considering changes to your landscape is: should I hire a designer?

Do I need a designer?

The first question you may ask when considering changes to your property is: should I hire a designer? If your aim is to replace a fence or install a simple paver patio then hiring a landscape contractor is adequate. Similar to hiring a contractor or carpenter to build a shed, you most likely won't be hiring an architect.

If you are thinking of taking on something more complex it's probably a good idea to look into working with a professional designer. Then your next question might be: what would a designer help me with that a landscape contractor couldn't do? Most importantly a good designer can take your ideas, and their expert advice and guidance, and produce a clear and coherent plan balancing function and aesthetics.

A good designer can help organize your outdoor space in pleasing proportions, harmonizing soft elements (plants) with hard ones (patios), bring unity and a cohesive theme to your property, or what we like to call the spirit or story of the place.

They can take all your ideas for your potential dream backyard, and make a plan that connects, flows, and functions in a way that will make the most out of the space.

The Process

What to expect when you are working with a Landscape Designer...

Full-Service Design

Hands-on approach from design to implementation...