A Naturalistic Hardscape Design Inspired by the Pacific Northwest

An authentic PNW landscape design that combines naturalistic hardscape design (basalt, river rock), with a planting style that takes inspiration from Willamette Valley ecology. This grassland plant community consists of native perennials, grasses, and bulbs punctuated by three clumping Vine Maples in a woodland edge setting. The homeowners, transplants from the Southwest, now feel firmly planted in the Pacific Northwest.

Hawk Meadow

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"Although it was a smaller project, James was super attentive, consultative, and collaborative. He provided a strategy for our very sunny lot and desired level of effort to maintain"

Lori Jenkins ( via Google )

"He never takes a cookie cutter approach, he doesn’t take short cuts, and his integrity is apparent at every step of the work. Our yard really feels like such a gift, and we feel so lucky to get to watch it develop and grow"

Ali C. ( via Yelp )

"James created an awesome plan for our challenging site that was affordable, on-time and on-budget, AND beautiful."

Katherine S. ( via Houzz )