The Warmth of a Minimalist Garden

Generally, when one thinks of minimalism, they think of "clean lines", and simple, repetitive patterns. "Easy to read," one might say. Employing the concepts of minimalism, which is essentially a response to a complex and often chaotic world, can be done without stripping the canvas of all life and vibrancy. Minimalism just allows us to meditate on the most appealing and impactful elements of a space.

In this garden, created out of a leftover square patch of post-construction, compacted soil, we harnessed the principles of minimalism with long repeating horizontal fence lines and ubiquitous buff-colored aggregate. The client was drawn towards the flora of deserts and sun-soaked landscapes of the Southwest, and there's nothing better to punctuate "clean lines", then natural plant architecture. Yuccas, Agaves, and a specimen Waggy Palm drop like big bombs of color, adding life-force in an unfolding drama of minimalist design that reads easily, and warms the spirit.

Dry Zen

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"Although it was a smaller project, James was super attentive, consultative, and collaborative. He provided a strategy for our very sunny lot and desired level of effort to maintain"

Lori Jenkins ( via Google )

"He never takes a cookie cutter approach, he doesn’t take short cuts, and his integrity is apparent at every step of the work. Our yard really feels like such a gift, and we feel so lucky to get to watch it develop and grow"

Ali C. ( via Yelp )

"James created an awesome plan for our challenging site that was affordable, on-time and on-budget, AND beautiful."

Katherine S. ( via Houzz )