The Landscape Installation Process

Our goal is to make the installation process as efficient as possible.


Always Hands-On

As a licensed landscape company (LCB# 9161) Garden Stories oversees all phases of the construction process and we think our results speak for themselves. We work with many talented carpenters, and craftsmen, and love collaborating on projects with other builders and designers. We are happy to work with your preferred builder or recommend one of ours.

Collaborative Approach

We tend to be hands-on while executing our designs because they are very personal to us, and unlike many designers, we understand how to design features that can be built without too many headaches, because we have ample field experience to inform our design process.

All our designs are either installed by our company or with our oversight. Usually a mix of the two. There are always variables on any new construction project so we feel its immensely important that your designer be involved in the process of construction from start to finish, and be the direct line of communication to you, the client.

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