Landscape Design & Build

Ecological principled landscape design company in Portland, Oregon

Why Garden Stories?

We are a full-service landscape design and installation company based in Portland, Oregon.

We approach every new landscape design with a "wide-angle" perspective. We like nuance. So we make every effort to get to know you the client, the character and style of your home, and most importantly, the specific site conditions that will make for a successful landscape design.


We love collaborative opportunities to work with talented contractors and craftsmen, and we continue to push against the notion that sophisticated landscape design be only for those with the deepest pockets. Please don't hesitate to reach out to discuss your next project

Commited to Sustainability

We’ve built our reputation on our extensive knowledge of climate appropriate flora, and use of high-quality materials.

We are always mindful of water use in the landscape as water is a precious natural resource, and one that is increasingly costly. By using plants that are adapted to our specific climate (native and beyond), we can create both low-maintenance and low-water landscapes.

Inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest

"Good landscape design is an art and a science. One informs the other. I firmly believe in this alchemy as I create gardens that are low-maintenance, long-lasting, balance both function and beauty, and that are firmly integrated within the context of your home, region, and lifestyle."

– James Wilson


"Although it was a smaller project, James was super attentive, consultative, and collaborative. He provided a strategy for our very sunny lot and desired level of effort to maintain"

Lori Jenkins ( via Google )

"He never takes a cookie cutter approach, he doesn’t take short cuts, and his integrity is apparent at every step of the work. Our yard really feels like such a gift, and we feel so lucky to get to watch it develop and grow"

Ali C. ( via Yelp )

"James created an awesome plan for our challenging site that was affordable, on-time and on-budget, AND beautiful."

Katherine S. ( via Houzz )